Wednesday, July 11, 2012

cute hot handsome

So, this one time I was talking to this guy that I know and he was all confused cause this girl he liked said he was "cute" and he didn't know what that meant. I'm a good friend, so told him that she meant (SURPRISE!) that he's cute. Like duh! But I think he did not take it as a compliment (just FYI boys, if a girl says anything positive about you physically, it is a a very good thing!). So for his (ew I actually hope he never reads this) and for everyone else's benefit, I will distinguish the differences between cute, hot and handsome for all the fine gentlemen in this world.

Okay all you cutie boys, listen up! Being cute is not a bad thing at all. A girl who thinks you're cute really likes you. She's probably relatively comfortable around you, and she can bring you home to the parents knowing that they won't hate you. She likely thinks you're a little nerdy, but it's all good because she's maybe into the same things you are. And she probably thinks you're nice. Which sucks for you because that means she's more likely to be the one who ends things. HOWEVER! You are probably someone she can trust and that is awesome. And also, if a girl calls you cute, be aware that she may actually think you're hot, but she's just downplaying her feelings. A girl's gotta watch out for her feelings, y'know?

Now onto the hotties! A girl who thinks you're hot will feel similar to what I described above, but with a more intense sexual attraction. Hot guys spend a lot of time working out. Also a hot guy may be a bit of a jerk, which most girls will never admit to liking, but they do. One of the biggest downsides to being with a hot guy is dealing with all the other girls that throw themselves at him. So ladies have to be careful when dealing with a hottie. 

Holy fuck, I'm excited to describe what handsome is. Handsome is a weird mutant baby between Cute and Hot. He can be such an asshole, but he can also treat a lady right. Handsome is not something someone is generally born with, but it is strived for and earned. Most straight girls want a handsome guy. Handsome looks good in a suit, but he also looks good in a wife beater and sweat pants. Handsome has a good sense of humour. You'll genuinely laugh at his jokes but he won't go all standup comedian on you. Handsome is perfection.

I hope this guide has helped you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go look at pictures of Jon Hamm...