Wednesday, November 5, 2014

don't think of this as goodbye but… well yeah it's goodbye

You probably didn't notice that it's been over 11 months since I last published anything here. That's most likely because you've been distracted by other articles, tweets, tumblrs, etc.

So have I.

The truth is that for the greater part of the last year, I've been feeling a large, forceful resistance towards being creative. I think many people go through this. At first it's like, "Oh, I'll just take a week off from writing", and suddenly that week has become a year and the guilt you feel from not writing eats away at your soul and your soul dies forever and you're doomed to watch syndicated episodes of The Big Bang Theory to fill your spare time. Oh, the horror!

Where am I going with this? Let me tell you…

I recently went on a trip to New York City. It was my first time there, and it was incredible. It was inspiring. It was everything I thought it would be and more. The funny thing about NYC is that it kind of makes you want to… write.

So here I am, bursting at the seams with the potential that I see in myself with my current outlet being… this blog.

Let's review: I created this blog when I was a 20 year old film school student living in Vancouver. I'm now 24 year old administrative assistant living in Calgary. Anyone who is consistently looking forward in their life can tell you that a lot can change within 4 years. I no longer have the time to compile lists like "Top Five List of the Most Attractive Cartoon Characters" (But let's be real, Aladdin would win). Not to say that I can't appreciate the kind of stuff I used to write about, but I've grown up. The voice I created with this blog four years ago isn't consistent with the voice I have now.

I've pretty much written a novel here at this point, but to summarize: this is the official end of Widows on the Dock. I've been toying with this decision for two weeks now, and I truly feel that this is as far as I could have come with this blog. And I think it's better to write a final goodbye than to just let a blog remain un-updated and unexplained. I'd like to thank all of my friends who've followed along over the years! There's no way I would've kept it at without your support!

So there you have it… a final farewell from Widows on the Dock. As for future writing endeavours, I can guarantee that there are things in the works.

Best Wishes,

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