Saturday, September 25, 2010

babies + facebook = ovaries dropping left and right

I think most of us can agree that facebook is more evil than it is good, for various reasons, but I tend to think that it is more toxic to young girls more than anyone else solely because of what I am here to talk about tonight:

(I was gonna upload a picture of a baby here, but it was taking too long to load so fuck that shit)

So ladies, one of your friends on facebook has a baby, right? And we all know that they end up posting 23408324302580328390420 pictures of their child sleeping, eating, etc until you absolutely cannot take it anymore and hit the ignore button or remove them from your friends list entirely.

But let's go back to the part where the baby has just been born and not many pictures have been posted yet. You look at the few pictures that you can partly because of curiosity, but with a little hope that there is something wrong with this baby so it'll give you a reason to make fun of this new parent (I just made up the last part...). And you start to think: that shit is cute. Motherfucking cute. Where can I get one? How soon will it get here?

Here's the deceiving truth about babies. They cry loudly. Often in the middle of the night They shit. They puke. They are unable of telling you what's got them upset.

I've never seen anyone post about that on facebook. Parenting according to facebook is just so easy!

So you know what? People really should advertise all aspects of parenthood because many easily influenced minds out there will be convinced that it's easy. Or better yet, don't post that shit at all.

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