Friday, June 17, 2011

biggest buzzkill awards

Holy fuck, do I ever love Arthur! But you know who sucks? Prunella.

Why is Arthur and his pals friends with this bitch? No, scratch that, they're obviously not friends with her. She's just that weird girl who hangs around with them and they don't have the guts to tell her to leave. But what's her deal? She's in fourth grade and hangs out with third graders. Get some friends Prunella!

She also has the audacity to celebrate her half birthday. Like, how self absorbed can someone be? Surviving for 6 months isn't really a big deal.

And oh my God, one time, Francine worked her ass off in order to afford a doll for Prunella's birthday present. At her party, Prunella opened her gift and was like, "I ALREADY HAVE THIS LOL" and she tossed it aside in front of Francine! I would've smacked the rat nose off of her (I can only assume she's a rat... appropriate)! Oh but it gets worse! After the party, Prunella was like, "Francine ruined my party! She was such a downer!" Holy fuck off! You are the worst friend ever.

I suspect that Prunella lacks a father figure in her life. She probably grew up to be that girl who does anything to impress men. And I mean anything. I wouldn't be surprised if she developed a crack addiction or an eating disorder. Her life will be miserable, but she's smart enough to know that so she'll hate herself for how she turned out. I almost feel sorry for her.

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