Thursday, June 30, 2011

douchebag teacher

Can we take a moment to get real about the shitty teachers we had in high school?

Ugh, so I only had one good math teacher in high school. The other two were pretty terrible. The first one we had wouldn't have been too bad but unfortunately she hated me. Like, one time when I wasn't there, she apparently was like, "Sarah shut up!" and my friends were like, "She's not even here...." ...bitch. The class average on the first test she gave us was something like 32%, and then she was like, "It's not my fault you guys suck, I taught you everything perfectly!" Really? It's not your fault that everyone in the class failed the test? Really? You must be right. Clearly we all decided to fail just to make you look bad.

And then we had the second teacher. She had just returned from maternity leave and used her child as an excuse to not teach us. I'm not even kidding, she'd leave at every chance she'd get to go and pick up her kid from day care. Looking back on it I realize I should probably be sympathetic because she clearly suffered from separation anxiety, but at the time I hated her for it and I still kind of do. If you wanted to ask her a question after class then good luck to you because she'd be the first one out the door. One time, I was writing a test during my lunch hour and she was like, "YOU HAVE TO FINISH CAUSE I WANT TO LEAVE TO GET MY KID." I wish I was kidding. But oh my God, the best thing ever was when our school went into lockdown, and she like, couldn't even wait for the school to be certified safe to leave. Really? Really.

This teacher has had at least one more child since I've been in high school. I hope she's not still teaching because now she has one or more reasons to bail on her teaching duties. And also, on behalf of the students in my class that year, I'd like to demand a public apology. Thanks to her shitty job at teaching, my parents had to pay for a math tutor JUST so that I wouldn't fail her class. That wasn't fun.

I get that teaching isn't for everyone, but I believe that if you're going to do it for your career, you have to give it 100%.

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