Saturday, September 3, 2011

my epic dream

You guys... YOU GUYS! I had the most amazing dream last night! Like you don't even know! First of all, I was dating a certain local celebrity (I won't specify because it's kind of embarassing!) and we were really happy and everything, except he was like, weirdly obsessed with anal sex and I refused to partake in that activity. And we had to go to couples therapy for it and it was really strange.

But then afterwards, we went to this awesome movie parade where all these actors were dressed up as characters from movies and they were just walking down the street. Elijah Wood was there as Frodo and as he passed me he looked at me and said hello. AND THEN I DIED OF LOVE!

Oh yeah, and you know what made the dream even better? Kevin James was my best friend.

You're probably reading this and feeling jealous of my dream life right now. That's okay, my real life is jealous of my dream life too.

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