Monday, March 14, 2011

how did this happen?

This song is on the the first Pokemon Movie's soundtrack. WHY?


  1. So, I listened to the song and then Wikipedia'ed the hell out of it, because I actually remember it from my youth. And I discovered something hilarious/really interesting, which is that they changed the lyric "You start kissing me" to make it more "kid-friendly". And at first I was like, how is that... not... kid-friendly? Because it's just... kissing? Right? The thing that ends almost every Disney movie?

    And then I discovered WHICH line used to be "You start kissing me": in the first verse, The Brunette One originally says "The next thing I know we're down at the cinema, we're sitting there, you start kissing me. What's that about?"

    Which legitimately changes the whole meaning of the song. In this version, it's abstractly about feelings, which is fine - like, the main reason I so enjoyed I Love You Beth Cooper is because the whole movie is about the ridiculousness of claiming to be in love with someone when what you are actually In Love with is the version of them you invented in your head, and how gutting it is for both people involved when you can't or won't stop Bowing Low And Kissing Th'Lady's Gentle Wrist in order to actually shake hands with the real girl, and even worse, when you take your disappointment out on the object of your affection in increasingly cruel ways.

    But ORIGINALLY, this song was about "Seriously, you do not get to touch me unless I tell you it's okay, and no empty protestations of love are going to get you anywhere nearer the vicinity of my pants unless I'm good and ready." Which I am EVEN MORE in favour of songs about.

    You're right, this shouldn't be on the Pokemon soundtrack. But I think that for a different reason.

  2. Exactly! It's a good song (maybe particularly because it's straight out of my childhood), and it was probably appropriate for Pokemon's demographic at the time it came out, but not really so appropriate for the Pokemon Movie's soundtrack in itself. There are probably a lot more movie soundtracks it would've been better suited for, and they're most likely not cartoons.

  3. I think it's pikachu's song to ash.