Friday, March 4, 2011

time is such a buzzkill

Charlie Sheen is literally everywhere lately! And he's so wacky I can hardly stand it! But I'm not gonna lie, I'd be more impressed with all of his antics if he still looked like this:

But unfortunately, he looks like this now:

If I could ask Charlie Sheen anything, it'd be:
-Do people refer to your brother as "EMILIOOOOOOOO" in front of you? How does it make you feel?
-Why haven't you changed your hair style in the past 20 years?
-Why are you always frowning at me!? :(
-I want to be "winning!" too! How do I achieve this?
-I heard a rumor that Jon Cryer paints his hair on everyday. Is this true?
-Have you ever punched the kid from your show in the face? If not, you probably should consider it...

Anyway... I hope you keep on "winning", Charlie. Don't exhaust yourself!

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