Saturday, January 8, 2011

top 5 stalker songs

There's been a lot of stalker talk lately. I don't condone it by any means (jk I do it all the time), but I have a fair amount of knowledge on the creepiest songs ever. So when you're sitting outside the object of your affection's house in your white van, here's a list of songs you can listen to:

1. Every Breath You Take - The Police. This is such a claaaaassic stalker song. You can't even consider it a stalker playlist if you don't have this song on it.

2. Invisible - Clay Aiken. I feel kind of bad that Clay Aiken had to start his career with this single. At some point he must've realized how creepy this song is, right?

3. I See You - Mika. Okay, I love Mika, and I love this song, but it's got a bit of a creep factor. I get it, unrequited love is supposed to be beautiful and romantic, but it just comes off as stalkery.

4. Out of My Head - Mobile. This song doesn't only give me a stalker vibe, but a little rapey vibe too. But I'll be watching you.

5. Creep - Radiohead. This is the best "I'm-not-actually-creepy-but-you-think-I am-I-just-love-you-so-much" song ever.

And there ya have it folks, Sarah's top 5 stalker songs. Happy stalking! I mean, what?


  1. Aw man, I was sure that Weezer's 'Haunt you everyday' would be on this list. Good thing I didn't bet on it.

  2. I just listened to that song. *SHUDDERS*

  3. Im gonna getchya by Shania Twain