Tuesday, April 19, 2011

things I'm liking lately!

-LUSH baths
-my new iPhone. omg I will never go back to Blackberry.
-Driving with the sun roof open.
-Watching movies about people who's lives are shittier than mine.
-Rarely wearing pants.
-Rarely wearing bras.
-Rarely wearing anything.
-Ice cream cones.
-Cute dresses.
-Upcoming trips.
-Not giving a fuck about boys for once in my life.
-Fighting for my right to parrrrrrrrrrtay!
-Being healthier.
-Getting stronger.
-Having enough money to not give a fuck about money. (not yet but I will get there.)
-Making important decisions.
-Team Rocket's antics.
-Lip balm.
-Discovering my potential.
-Parks and Recreation is finally funny.
-Eating Japanese food while watching Japanese television.
-Good hair days.
-Spending time with friends.
-Saving money.
-Letting things go.

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  1. You shuld do a tourr of towns around Alberta with your advice and blog postings. Come to HR.