Saturday, April 30, 2011

umm okay

This entry goes out to my main girl, Tanaya.

So, facebook recently changed their messaging system, and basically, every message I've ever received and sent made its way back into my inbox. 3 years ago I received this message and totally forgot about it and its lulziness:

I was young and clearly wanted to take the high road so I didn't bother carrying the conversation further, but if I had gotten that message today, I'd probably respond with something like this:

Hey man, thanks for pointing out that my name is spelled wrong! Imagine: I went through 21 years of a misspelled name and nobody bothered to tell me! How embarrassing! Thank God for people like you who think that telling complete strangers on Facebook that their first names are improperly spelled is an appropriate thing to do! Most people probably wouldn't have that kind of courage! But _________, I'm a little confused. We've clearly established that my name is incorrectly spelled, but I must ask, how am I supposed to spell my name? I'm afraid that you didn't really specify.

Oh and ______, thank you for calling me "hott". There is nothing more flattering than being complimented by a stranger on the internet. And for the record, I'm not Serbian. In fact, I'm Croatian, and given the bad blood between our ethnic backgrounds, I'm afraid that our love will never be.

Thanks so much!
or is it Sara?
I don't fucking know.

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