Sunday, April 17, 2011

who wore it better?

Who was the best at accessorizing with a kitten?

Stephen Harper

Michael Ignatieff

This is unrelated, but I found a picture of Jack Layton rocking out on what seems to be an airplane. That's pretty awesome.

And don't forget, on May 2nd you can head to the polls and vote for one of the above three (or others, depending on your riding) to become our Prime Minister!


  1. To be fair, Ignatieff's cat seems to be quite domineering and intimidating, thereby impeding his accessorizing capabilities.

    HOWEVER, Jack Layton guitar proves to be the ultimate accessory today (sorry, kittens!).

  2. I also think that voters should take into consideration that Harper's shot is obviously professional, you can tell by the lighting. Ignatieff's is a candid.

    I wish Jack Layton had a kitten picture that I could've posted, but I didn't find one. :(