Saturday, February 12, 2011

my baby!

It's really no secret that it's one of my dreams to own a teacup pig one day.

What can I say? Some people dream about getting married and having kids, but I dream about owning a pig.

I don't think you understand; this pig will be my child. I will wake up at all hours through the night and sit on a rocking chair with it when it's upset and can't sleep. I will bottle feed it as a baby (only because breast feeding wouldn't be possible), and scoop its litter box everyday (bet you didn't know that pigs can be taught to use a litter box!).

You know what else I'll do? Get it professionally photographed every chance I get. I'll make it wear cute costumes every Halloween. Costumes like "the piggy that went to the market" and "Babe" from the movie Babe. I'm pretty much crying and shaking now, because I'm so excited.

I will lie on the couch and pig out (ha!) and watch chick flicks with it when it gets its heart broken for the first time. I'm gonna be the best freakin parent ever! And maybe, if I'm lucky, it'll give me grandpiglets one day! Then we can all live together in my giant house forever like an Italian family.

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