Friday, October 8, 2010

things I am obsessed with

1. Lists. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE lists. I make at least one list every day. Lists of chores, lists of groceries, lists of reasons why I love the people I crush on. EVERYTHING. When I was little I had a whole notebook dedicated to listing things that I loved and hated. I'm am seriously OCD about lists and nothing gives me more pleasure than crossing things off of to do lists.

2. Messy Buns. I have to credit my bff Garrett for this. I am not a fortunate enough person to be able to get away with waking up in the morning and not doing my hair. Sometimes I just don't wanna wash my hair in the morning (gross right?) so I just throw my hair up into a messy bun and go on with my day! The beauty about a messy bun is that there is no wrong way to do it. And believe me ladies, the more hair that falls out of it, the better you will look.

3. Puking. I know this makes me sound like I'm bulimic, but trust me, I'm not. It's not like I walk around TRYING to puke, cause I don't. It's just that all of my best stories end with me puking. My favorite puking story happened a few years ago. I was pretty wasted (understatement of the year) and my dad brought me home from the bar and I immediately ran to the bathroom and spent like an hour puking. Then I demanded my mother to fetch me a glass of water. Apparently she was taking too long because I ended up producing an invisible glass full of invisible water and started invisibly drinking it. I then convinced my parents that my own water was the best water I've ever had and it was a shame that I was not willing to share it. That's right folks, I puked so much that I hallucinated water.

4. Multiples of Five. I cannot stress how much I love multiples of five (in case you can't do math, a multiple of five is any number that ends with a 5 or 0). When I watch TV, I NEVER have the volume set to a number that isn't a multiple of five. Sometimes I'll be like, "If I have one more cocktail, that will make it an even five for me!" and then my friends are like, "SAR-AH! Five isn't an even number!" but little do they know... that it's even for me.

5. NBC. I'm not really that obsessed with NBC, but I like NBC and I wanted this list to be an even five.


  1. I do love a messy bun. I wish I could pull off a messy bun.

  2. oh I am a firm believer that anyone with the appropriate length of hair can pull off a messy bun!