Tuesday, October 5, 2010

why being tanaya is so hard

This is my friend Tanaya:

Her life is pretty rough. First of all, everyone thinks she's mysterious but she's really not. She's just another lonely soul looking for a good time. It's really a shame that nobody understands her. Also, everyone mispronounces her name and it's really annoying. I don't know why people fail so hard at saying her name properly, it's pronounced exactly the way it's spelled. Just like Canada. I hate when people say Canada weird, like they're trying to make it sound like some fun exotic place. Yeah, Canada is pretty super bitchin but you can't get away with talking like that here. I'm just kidding, you totally can.

Tanaya is always losing her things. Like today, she left her backpack in the classroom so we had to go back there during lunch hour to find it. It wasn't where she left it so that sucked. Luckily she got it back, but still. The fact that it even happened in the first place was pretty unfortunate.

You should also know that she is a scorned student/jilted lover. I won't go into much detail about that on the internet, but I feel that it should be mentioned.

And she hangs around with this weird kid named Adam. He's okay I guess, but I'm pretty sure he abuses her. I once saw him put bleach in her tea when she wasn't looking. She's in a coma now, and that's why I decided to write about how hard her life is.

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