Sunday, November 28, 2010

having a crush on a teacher and how to deal with it

So, it's finally happened. You have a crush on your teacher. You're not sure what exactly set it off. Maybe it was the day they wore contacts instead of glasses and you saw their eyes for the first time. Perhaps it was the pat on the back they gave you when you aced their test. It might have even been the time they were taking off their sweater and their t-shirt underneath rode up and you saw their stomach. Whatever it was, you're in deep and whenever they say something to you, you blush and giggle like a school girl and bang your head on the locker in shame afterwards.

Fun fact about this photo:
I googled "hot male teacher" and this was the best picture that came up.
Google has failed me.
I mean, this guy isn't bad, but I had some pretty high expectations.

Well my friends, I'm here to help. My first helpful tidbit of advice is to remove any shame and embarrassment that you may be feeling. And to congratulate yourself. I mean, admitting that you have a crush on a teacher is basically like admitting that you see that person as a regular human being, and not simply just a figure of authority. I mean, this lucky object of your affection is just a regular human being after all. A human being with needs. Sexual needs. So good for you for rising above your peers and recognizing that!

And I'm not gonna lie, people will judge you for this. But as they say on the internet, "Haters gonna hate". I figure that these people are only bestowing judgment upon you to hide their own shame. You know how gay kids get bullied by closeted gay kids? It's exactly like that. They just simply have a lot of feelings and they don't know how to deal with them yet. And anyone who claims to have never had a crush on a teacher before is a liar. Simple as that.

Anyway, back to the actual teacher themselves. Now you probably don't know how to act around them! You have two basic options: 1. Owning it, and 2. Pretending it doesn't exist.

1. Owning It. This is the route I'm more likely to take. Sure, it can be risky and vulnerable, but the trick is to exude so much confidence so it seems that this shit doesn't phase you. Seriously. Be so cool about it that it even makes the teacher feel insecure.
2. Pretending It Doesn't Exist. It's the safer choice, but it's also pretty boring. Besides, you're more likely to blush and giggle at everything and you'll just give yourself away anyway.

And so, you finally graduate and this teacher is now fair game (if you haven't somehow managed to get them fired)! The question is: Do you make a move? Well, that is entirely up to you, but I would recommend waiting a few months while staying in touch. That way, the teacher-student relationship can wear off and you can start a new relationship as friends. With or without benefits. Whatever, I don't care. I can't tell you how to run your life.

Oh, and P.S. - you should maybe consider that you are probably not the first student that has had feelings for this teacher. They may or may not get this kind of thing all the time. So... be careful about that.


  1. I am a gay boy and my male teacher, Mr.Robertson, loves me, but not in a romantic way(yet)! I talk to him for what seems like hours each week and we have gotten very close. Once I brushed past his penis by mistake and his crotch started to tent out! I also got to polish his shoes for him one day! :) I will always have a crush on him!