Saturday, November 20, 2010

tribute to Kirsten!

This is my friend Kirsten (and me behind the flash!):

Um, so I'd usually say something like "Kirsten is kind of amazing", but that's a lie. Kirsten is full on amazing! She legit has the best skin and teeth ever. Not even joking. And she does everything with 1000%, it kind of puts everyone else to shame.

Like one time, we had to vote on our class valedictorian, and she won. I wasn't even surprised because it seemed like such an obvious choice.

She's also a stellar organizer of things. Like, her and I are working on this calendar project, and usually I'd be like, "oh ya I'll do whatever..." but she actually makes me wanna work hard on it because I know that she'll work hard too!

And possibly the best thing about Kirsten is that she calls me randomly to tell me how amazing I am and it makes me laugh and cry and then laugh some more. Everybody needs a Kirsten! She's gonna be a big star one day so watch the fuck out!

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