Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sarah's hopes and dreams

I would say that I've got a pretty solid rest of my life ahead of me.

First of all, after I graduate in December, I'll be heading home to Calgary for an undetermined amount of time. While I'm there, I plan on becoming the proud owner of a teacup pig. I'm gonna carry it around everywhere in my purse just like Paris Hilton. I think I will name my pig Murphy, regardless of its gender.

Shortly after that, I'm hoping that I will have miraculously acquired enough money to return back to Vancouver (with Murphy, of course) and will attempt to make a full time living there.

Assuming that all works out, I'll open up a restaurant in Downtown Toronto. It'll probably be a Seafood Steakhouse, but we'll have some vegan options available too. It will be delicious.

After my restaurant burns down, I might be ready to start a family. I'm not really interested in parenting, but I am interested in grand-parenting, so I'll probably start on that process. It shouldn't be too hard. All I have to do is find an orphan who has a child. There's got to be a few of those around.

In case I am not ready for a family (which, let's be honest here, is very likely), I'll just spend my days writing hilarious sitcom pilots and taking Murphy out for walks.

I don't generally like the thought of getting older, but I am pretty stoked about the risk of pregnancy no longer being an issue. So yeah... I have definitely have some fun plans for my golden years.

Yeaaaah my life is gonna be so awesome!

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