Monday, November 29, 2010

mysteries of life: the non-existent voicemail

I've been feeling like my blog has been getting kinda stale lately, so I decided to introduce a new segment: Mysteries of Life. This is where I comment on the unexplainable happenings that occur in everyday life.

Today I'm going to talk about the non-existent voicemail. I'm pretty sure we've all received one. I'm talking about checking your phone, seeing the "new voicemail" notification, and when you dial to listen to the message, it's simply someone hanging up their phone. Why do people do this? Is my personal voicemail message so interesting that you simply must wait for it to finish before you hang up your phone if you have no intention of leaving a message? If that's the case, well thank you so much! It's not like checking my voicemail is a total pain in the ass or anything. Oh wait, it totally is! Seriously, there are so many better things I can do with my time than checking my voicemail just to hear the sound of someone hanging up. I'm not gonna lie, I probably won't do better things with my time, but that is irrelevant.

So you know what, if you are one of these people, please stop ruining everybody's lives. That's really all I ask of you.


  1. The worst is when you're so accustomed to the non-existent voicemail that you refuse to check it...and then someone says, "Zomg, didn't you get the voicemail I left you LAST MONTH?!"

    P.S. I compiled a list of things you could be doing instead of checking voicemails:
    1. Watching Pokemon
    2. Going on 4chan
    3. Making fun of pedestrians' fashion decisions
    4. Puking

  2. YES EXACTLY! If it's from a number I don't recognize, I'll probably get around to checking it a week later.

    Ah and yes, puking. I'm overdue for a good puke.