Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dedication December: Deon

Okay folks, so here's the thing. It's officially the season of giving, and I am in the predicament that most students find themselves in at this time of year... that predicament being that I have no money. So to remedy this, I've come up with "Dedication December", in which I write a blog post about a person in my life and pass it off as a Christmas present for them. It's just a simple and easy way for me to show you that I care about you this holiday season. Unless you're my immediate family... in which case you'll probably be getting a homemade card made out of construction paper and glitter.

This is me and my friend Deon:

Deon is one of my favorite people ever! Which is a pretty huge thing for me because he's from Saskatchewan and I hate people from there. Just kidding, Saskatchewanians are pretty great!

So I've known Deon for almost a year now, and it's been really exciting to watch him grow as an actor! He's probably the only guy I know that can play a bitchy high school girl and do a really good job at it. So suck on that!

I also love Deon because we can hang out and laugh at the most random things to the point of tears. People sometimes refer to us as "two peas in a pod" and I think they're right about that. We can also have long serious talks when the occasion calls for it. We definitely dig each other's senses of humor and it works out really well for us.

I can't really decide what my favorite Deon memory is. There are just way too many! But maybe it was the time I had to convince him that he was the greatest director in the theatre, and he was like, "THE THEATUH THE THEATUH!" ...yep, that was pretty great. Love you Deon!

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