Thursday, December 30, 2010

sarah's nye 2010 extravaganza!

Holy crap you guys, tomorrow is the last day of 2010! Can you believe it? I will always look upon 2010 fondly because it is a multiple of five. I have some goodies planned for this entry, so sit down and enjoy.

Okay, so first of all, here are my top 5 blog entries as chosen by you, the readers!

Ah, some good choices.

Next up, I have a list of all the cool and interesting things that went down in 2010:

-I said hello.
-I turned 20!
-filming stuff.
-I had my first surgery! So long wisdom teeth!
-I finally got closure from a person I desperately needed it from.
-I acquired awesomeness.
-May long camping!
-I quite possibly fell in love this year. It was very brief but pleasant. I'd do it again.
-Capilano bridge with Tony!
-I learned how to fight this year. Not physically, but verbally.
-I experienced the singlehanded most awkward moment ever.
-Pokemon Halloween!
-I wrote a lulzy short film with Tanaya.
-I relocated to Calgary.
-I said goodbye.

Funeral count: 1
Birth count: 1

Here's a list of things I LOVED in 2010:

-The Golden Girls
-coming to Calgary for home cooked meals and visiting friends.
-Red wine.
-getting money.
-hitting on teachers.

And finally, a list of what I hope to achieve in 2011:

-Twenty fun!
-Be happy always! (aka drunk)
-Get that brazilian.
-make a lot of money.
-move back to Vancouver!
-play more video games.
-evade rehab.

Happy New Year everyone!

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