Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dedication December: Kathryn

This is my friend Kathryn:

Kathryn is the coolest! She's so freakin talented at everything that you ordinarily would hate her, but she's too great of a person to dislike. You can try to dislike her, but you will fail.

My favorite memories of Kathryn are when we just drive around the country roads eating candy and singing along to our ipods and laughing until we cry. That sounds like something out of a Bryan Adams song, but I swear, that's what we do!

I also like it when she tells stories, because she's so good at it! And she's so effing clever and witty.

One time, we wanted to be pretentious, so we drank wine and watched Mad Men. Then I got too drunk to drive home, so I spent the night at her place. Good times!

I haven't seen Kathryn since like... August. But I get to see her soon and I don't think you can comprehend how excited I am about that! Ahh she just makes my life so much better!

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