Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dedication December: Giselle

This is my friend Giselle (and me!):

So one thing you should know about Giselle is that she's a very talented writer. Like, people say that I'm a good writer, but she really puts me to shame. You should read her short stories sometime, they're awesome.

She also has a pretty sick sense of fashion. For reals, if you ever need a shopping partner, look no further. She's super honest and not afraid to tell you if she thinks something doesn't look good on you, but she doesn't make you feel like an ugly piece of shit while doing so. It's a perfect balance.

Oh yeah, and Giselle is also a really good listener. You can tell because she gives really good advice. Like, I rarely ever take the advice that people give me because it usually sucks, but her advice is something I actually consider. So... yeah.

You should probably all be jealous of her. And me, because I know her.

Also, you can check out Giselle's blog at

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  1. AHHHH! Omg, best. present. ever.
    Thanks, Sarah! :D