Monday, December 6, 2010

Dedication December: Colton

This is me and my friend Colton:

This picture is from the day Colton dressed like a lumberjack. He doesn't usually look like this, so everyone freaked out.

Colton is pretty chill. He's pretty easy going and he's really trustworthy. If you are adding to your roster of friends and considering Colton, you should use this post as a reference. You can talk to Colton about just about anything. He's also hilarious. He makes really funny jokes and we always come up with humorous hypothetical situations. Oh, and if you ever need a lunch buddy, look no further! Colton's usually down for anything. And he really likes to celebrate the holidays, which is always fun!

Colton used to be a really bad driver. That may or may not still be true since I haven't been in a car with him behind the wheel since like... 2007. But that's really the only flaw he has!

So yeah, I think it's safe to say that everyone needs at least one ginger kid in their life. If you don't have one, give Colton a try!

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