Wednesday, November 10, 2010

top 5 things I will miss about living alone

So, I'm moving home pretty soon. But not in the pathetic, "I'm over 30 and I'm a failure at life" kind of way. More like the "I'm graduating post secondary at the age of 20 and need a place to stay while I start my career" kind of way. So while I've been in school, I've been living on my own. No roommates or anything, just me. All by my lonesome. And I must admit, it's been a lovely experience. So lovely, in fact, that there are many things I will miss about it, and I've boiled it down to 5 things:

1. Living in your own filth and loving it.
I swear to God I'm not a hoarder, but if I didn't have friends that came over occasionally and motivated me to clean up, I very well could be one. Disgustingness aside, it's nice not having anyone nagging you to clean your room and put your dishes away, and being able to do your tidying when you feel like it.

2. The nakedness.
Oh, how I will miss the nakedness. This might be what I will miss the most about living alone. I mean, you can probably get away with being naked while living with other people, but extreme awkwardness may ensue. In my case, I'd be faced with questions such as "Sarah, what the fuck is wrong with you?!" and "Is that a tattoo?!" ... soooo yeah I probably won't participate in such liberating activities when I move back home.

3. Doing your own grocery shopping/eating what you want, when you want.
Okay, I lied about being naked. I will definitely miss getting my own groceries more than being naked. It sucks so bad knowing that I'm going to have to back to begging my mom to buy chocolate milk and Kraft peanut butter (she keeps buying the nasty organic kind... sigh). Oh, and when you live alone, 9 am cravings for ice cream are perfectly acceptable to deal with, because nobody's around to tell you that you're sick, that you're wrong, or that you're a terrible human being.

4. No fighting over the TV.
When I'm at home, I inevitably have to fight my brother for the TV. Usually I'll want to do something badass like watch Nacho Libre or play Mario Kart 64, but he's on the TV playing the latest NHL Xbox game or watching Dexter. But living on my own, that never happens. I never have to sit through all those lame shows that my parents watch. I can play Nintendo whenever I want. Man, life is so sweet.

5. You set your own bedtime and wake up time.
Seriously. I've gone to bed at 3 am some nights (but not by choice). And I can sleep as late as I want as long as I get up in time for school. I slept for 15 hours once. It was pretty intense. I thought I had mono, but I didn't. I've been tired a lot recently though, so maybe I have mono now? What the hell is mono anyway?

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